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This COVID-19 page is intended to keep our customers and business partners posted of the business continuity actions CF Asia Pacific Group (“CFAP”) is taking in dealing with the challenges posed by the COVID-19 outbreak. It outlines the strategies and planning CFAP has put in place across CFAP and Business Units during this challenging time.

At this point in time CFAP does not have any confirmed cases of COVID-19 at any of our operations. Across all our operations CFAP has business continuity plans and contingencies ready to be implement in the event of any number of operational employees and contractors being exposed/contracting the virus in order to minimize disruptions to our operations and those of our customers.

While much remains uncertain about the COVID-19 virus, the measures CFAP has implemented are the best strategies CFAP is aware of currently. As the situation evolves, new information may change how CFAP deal with the situation. CFAP will do our best to keep you informed of any changes that may impact your operations.

CFAP expect that these plans will enable operations to continue producing in line with our production schedule, and if there are any material impacts, CFAP will inform the market accordingly.
  • CFAP Business as part of Essential Services
    CFAP is pleased to inform that through the Transport and Infrastructure Council Communiqué dated Wednesday, 25 March 2020 Australia’s Transport and Infrastructure Ministers reassured “Australians that supporting freight movements and supply of goods to individuals, businesses and service providers is a high priority for all governments”. Further, the Ministers affirmed the critical role the freight sector plays in providing essential supplies of food, medicine or other goods, the use of rail and trucks to move substantial quantities of goods throughout the country, from ports and airports to the doors of individuals, businesses, and service providers. This includes recognition of the importance of all members of the freight distribution chain, from drivers, pilots, and engineers and others who support them, including those in the back-office working out rostering and logistics.

    The operations of CFAP has been deemed as essential services. As it stands, CFAP is open for business across Australia. CFAP is monitoring the operating conditions and observing guidelines as set out by Governments and Health Authorities in ensuring the health of our employees are not impacted by the spread of the disease.

    Providing an update to your CFAP sales representative on your business continuity and/or closures will also greatly help CFAP with the review and management of our business relationships. Likewise, please reach out to your representative as soon as possible if you’d like to discuss any matters on leasing or rolling stock maintenance – CFAP is committed to continuing to serve you as best CFAP can through our national network of operations.
  • Promotion of Good Hygiene Practices
    Instructional materials have been distributed to all our locations encouraging our people to maintain appropriate hygiene practices.

    Limited staff in office and people in shared workspaces are being asked to practice social distancing - staying 1.5 to 2 meters or 5 -7 feet away from the next person and to routinely clean all frequently touched surfaces e.g. tables, workstations, countertops, doorknobs, tap/ faucet handles. Changes have been made to our worksite to allow this to happen, including lunchrooms, washrooms etc.

    Contractors and labor hire companies associated with CFAP or Business Units have been made aware of our requirements and have been instructed to follow the same principles when working at our sites.

    Employees or contractors that appear to have respiratory illness symptoms (cough, shortness of breath, fever) upon arrival at our sites, or who become ill during the day will be separated from other employees and sent home immediately.

    Where practical, isolation rooms have been established at our sites to provide a clean and quiet place where unwell employees and contractors are able to rest until they are able to leave site. Appropriate PPE has been made available in these spaces and will be worn by the unwell worker to lower the risk of others becoming infected.

    All scheduled conferences and face-to-face meetings involving more than 10 people (including those involving external participants) are being cancelled and Video teleconferences and other technologies have been implemented.

    In addition, all locations (manufacturing facilities, warehouses and offices) will make sure the following additional requirements are met: • Review work layouts to ensure social distancing whilst working.

    • Review clocking in / out to ensure social distancing is maintained.

    • Stagger meal breaks to maintain social distancing whilst eating their meals.

    • Suspend toolbox talks and prestart meetings in favor of one-on-one communication.
  • Travel
    CFAP has implemented return to work restrictions for personnel who have travelled to or returned from any international locations.

    All business related international and domestic travel by CFAP, or Business Unit employees is not permitted until further notice. Please reach out to your CFCLA or CFCLAM representative if you have an urgent issue requiring their presence on your site.

    Employees will be required to self-isolate for 14 days after their return to their home location before they will be permitted to return to work. Employees who travel domestically will need to contact their manager before returning to work to establish what specific actions may be required.
  • Working Remotely
    CFAP has implemented an additional measure to reduce exposure and potential transmission of COVID-19 by identifying roles where a physical presence in the workplace is not required. This measure is consistent with global government efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19. This activity is also occurring across CFAP Operational sites as well as corporate offices.

    The Workshop staff have been working in split shifts and in small groups to ensure minimal contact to other colleagues. CFAP is implementing these arrangements to support the health and wellbeing of our people and the community around us, while at the same time ensuring CFAP continue to provide uninterrupted service to our customers.

    While some office-based staff are working remotely, it will be business-as-usual in terms of our customer service. CFAP will maintain access to our offices for the purpose of critical business or customer needs and ask that all invited visitors who have returned from a country or region that is at high or moderate risk for COVID-19, or who think they may have been in close contact with a confirmed case of coronavirus to arrange meetings with us via video links or other suitable means in lieu of visits. At this time, CFAP will restrict visits from 3rd parties to those required for essential services to the business and customers.
  • Emergency Management Team
    At a site level, CFAP have emergency procedures in place and established an Emergency Management Team (EMT).

    The EMT is meeting at a minimum once daily whilst CFAP consider all of the current information, amending our response as necessary, and ensuring that key messages are communicated to our people and neighboring communities with priority.
  • Supply Chain
    Contractors who have returned from overseas or interstate in the past 14 days or have been in contact with a person diagnosed with or suspected of having the virus will not be allowed at CFAP sites.

    CFAP is assessing our position as part of the supply chains in terms of resources, workshop capacity, our production schedule, components & parts and contingency planning, to ensure CFAP has what is required to meet deliveries and continue to support your operations.

    Further, CFAP is joining other industry leaders in dialogue with the Government about challenges facing the industry including workforce movement restrictions, pressure on infrastructure such as ports, rail networks and community health facilities and medium-term equipment and consumables supply risks.

    As of 27 July 2020, CFCLAM Islington Workshops have reassessed their operations and confirmed that if visitors or contractors have travelled from states that have open borders with SA, Islington Workshops only request a COVID clearance be provided not 14 days of isolation.

    From 7 August 2020 and until further notices, all visitors to our Offices, Workshops or sites shall have their body temperature taken and declaration form completed. Unless directed by State Health Authorities or Governments, you are strongly recommended to wear suitable face mark whilst visiting or working on our premises.
  • Cases of Close Contact/Confirmed Diagnosis on COVID-19
    In accordance with expert medical recommendations, employees or contractors who have been in close contact with a person who has tested positive for COVID-19 will be required to remain self-isolated for 14 days. In some cases, this may also result in an interruption to the employee’s place of work as a precaution.

    If an employee or contractor is confirmed to have COVID-19 a site-specific business continuity plan for COVID-19 will be enacted and fellow employees, customers and suppliers who have had contact with the employee will be informed. They will be asked to seek medical advice for further mitigation actions or medical treatment.
  • Other Controls and Communication
    Communications to all sites have been issued highlighting safe and hygiene practices to minimize spread of infection.

    Staff of CFAP and Business Units shall not attend conference or similar events until further notice.

    Employees on all sites have and will continue to receive regular communication updates through CFAP Group and the Health and Safety Department, particularly on sanitation practices and what to do if they feel symptomatic.

    CFAP continues to implement additional precautionary controls that are specific to our operation. CFAP is providing regular updates regarding these controls on this CFAP website.