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We are minimising COVID-19 transmission risk while continuing to deliver safe, reliable and high-quality services to our customers. This includes increased cleaning of our facilities and the operation of split shifts where deemed necessary.

Our senior management team meet regularly to put in place appropriate control strategies, which also includes complying with all Government regulations and advice in relation to COVID-19.

We are also communicating regularly with our employees to keep them informed.

• Increased cleaning of site amenities and facilities, including availability of hand sanitiser on all sites

• Reducing face-to-face meetings, toolbox talks and pre-starts to as few employees as possible – and practising appropriate social distancing measures when these do take place

• Plans in place for office staff to work remotely if required and increasing social distancing measures in all offices

• Restricting visitors to our customer sites and locations to only necessary employees and contractors

• Implementing temperature testing procedures at sites

• Banning all non-essential business travel

• Applying all current Government mandated guidelines relating to travel and self-isolation

• Regular communication with employees reinforcing correct hygiene, self-isolation and social distancing practices.

• Increased focus on mental health support and activities for our people

We are committed to working closely with our customers and partners to minimise the impact on our essential operations while keeping our people safe.


What measures has CFAP implemented in response to COVID-19?
CFAP has implemented a range of preventative measures across the organisation to ensure all our staff are appropriately protected and supported. With regards to our Maintenance Facilities, we have limited access to essential staff only as part of other preventative measures to help safeguard the critical industry services that our maintenance facilities perform.

How will CFAP continue to support its customers if you have an outbreak of COVID-19 or a shortage of staff?
CFAP maintains business continuity plans for priority activities, which cover the loss of availability of critical staff and workplaces. Scenario planning continues to be undertaken to work through additional contingency plans specific to this situation.

Why are people from CFAP still going to work?
CFAP provides an essential service as part of the national freight and transport industry, and it is within current government guidelines that workers who cannot work remotely may go to work.

What is the definition of an “essential service”?
The freight and logistics sector has been declared an essential service by State and Federal Governments. Given the impact of COVID-19 on the increase in demand for goods, the freight supply chain is critical to ensure supplies get to customers around the country.

Who can access CFAP workplaces during the pandemic?
Only visitors deemed essential may enter CFAP workplaces at this time.