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Goulburn Maintenance Facility

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Fabrication Services

Machining, pressing and bending, fitting and mechanical servicing, pressure Vessel work & more

Carriage (Passenger Car)

Passenger car modifications and repairs, Bogie overhaul, Mechanical servicing

Track Plant & Equipment

Maintenance of heavy plant and equipment, Hi-Rail fitting, servicing and repair & more

Safety Commitment

Best practice safety procedures including, Rail Safety accreditations and emergency response plans
CFCLA Services

Goulburn maintenance facility

CFCLA Maintenance Services' Goulburn maintenance facility is located on the Melbourne-Sydney-Brisbane rail corridor. The workshops are purpose-built to perform the complete range of services, including the overhaul, maintenance, modification and painting of locomotives, freight wagons and passenger cars. In addition to on-site services, our team of service technicians also provide field services in other state and regional locations for locomotives and wagons to meet our customers' demands for a quick turnaround to maximize train utilisation.

Maintenance & Repair

Locomotive & Wagon Maintenance, Overhaul and Repair. Major component change out. Body and underframe repairs

Field Services - Rollingstock

24/7 access to service technicians, Servicing for locomotives, wagons and passenger cars

Paint Shop

Specialised blasting, Graffiti resistant and graffiti removal, Zinc, epoxy and polyurethane & large wash bay

Drone Footage

Click here to view drone footage of Goulburn facility

Full Maintenance & Repair Services

Available at Our Goulburn Facility
  • Major component change out
  • Major component overhaul
  • Bogie overhaul
  • Traction motor overhaul and change out
  • Combos change out
  • Lettered servicing
  • Field servicing
  • Wheel machining
  • Body and underframe repairs
  • 24/7 access to service technicians
  • 24/7 access to service technicians
  • Service technicians to regional areas
  • Servicing for locomotives, wagons and passenger cars
  • In-field air brake repairs
  • In-field body repairs
  • Design
  • Steel fabrication
  • Fitting and mechanical servicing
  • Pressure Vessel work
  • Welding – Stick, Mig and Tig
  • Profile cutting
  • Machining, pressing and bending
  • Passenger and crew cars modifications and repairs
  • Bogie overhaul
  • Mechanical servicing
  • Specialised blasting
  • Specialised paint booth
  • Single Pac painting
  • Light and heavy industrial coatings
  • Protective coatings
  • Graffiti resistant and graffiti removal
  • Heat resistant coatings
  • Aviation coatings
  • Zinc, epoxy and polyurethane
  • Signage and decal work
  • Large vehicle wash bay
  • Maintenance of heavy plant and equipment
  • Maintenance of light plant and equipment
  • Hi-Rail fitting, servicing and repair
  • Hi-Rail design
  • Track infrastructure maintenance and repair
  • Field servicing
  • Shunt tractor manufacture, maintenance and repair
  • Intermodal
  • Log export
  • Fumigation and packing
  • Scrap sheet exports
  • Mineral concentrate exports
  • Rail to Port Botany and Port Kembla
  • Up to 3 services per week